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Mortgage CRM & Marketing Automation Solution

Generate Leads. Close Loans. is an all-in-on sales and marketing platform built specifically for mortgage professionals, by mortgage professionals. We help mortgage brokers and individual loan originators generate quality leads and help turn those leads into loans.


Generate Exclusive
High Quality Mortgage Leads

We make it easy to generate high quality leads to help build a pipeline of prospects.  Don’t spend time on every single lead, spend time on qualified leads that pass through a rigorous qualification criteria.
  • Powerful Mortgage Lead Generation
  • Sales Qualified Appointments
  • Volume On-Demand

Omnichannel Tools
for Digital Marketing Automation

  • Multi-channel Customer Communication
  • Pipeline Management
  • Funnel & Campaign Builder

Loan Origination
System Integration

  • Loan Origination Software
  • Email & Calendar Syncing
  • URLA 3.4 & FNM 3.2 Compatible

Your End-To-End Mortgage Marketing Solution

Automate your marketing, convert more leads, stay top of mind with your borrowers and recruit new partners using one simple Mortgage CRM solution.

Gone are the days of trying to integrate multiple technologies to help streamline and automate your lead gen and follow up activities. Our Mortgage CRM comes with a suite of tools that are built from the ground up specifically for the mortgage industry.


What Our Clients Say

Don’t just take our word for it, check out a few of the testimonies of our existing clients

Josh W - FL

As a managing director of a mortgage broker, has helped us reduce costs in the number of software solutions we were using. We now have a centralized pipeline for our loan officers and helps us provide value to our LOs by giving them a proven system to generate new leads.


Frequently Asked Questions

Automated Marketing Solution for your Entire Mortgage Process

What is a Mortgage CRM?

A Mortgage CRM creates a powerful competitive advantage for a loan officer by automating key marketing tasks and scaling up LO followup with everyone from prospects and clients to referral partners.

As a mortgage professional, one of your biggest challenges is maintaining a steady pipeline of repeat customers. Loan officers are often too busy to keep up with the daily management of their client list. As a result, they lose countless clients almost routinely. was created to avoid this needless loss of business for mortgage lenders.

Is Mortgage CRM Software Important?

Yes, having a quality mortgage CRM is essential for your business. The bedrock of sustainable success in any business is the relationships between the business and its customers.

How does a mortgage software get you more leads?

Mortgage software gets a loan officer leads by form submissions and integrations. A mortgage software like has lead capture forms built into it and the ability to generate and capture leads from Facebook and Google. Quickly working on these leads is important once you get them, and helps automate that immediate response.

Do you have automated workflows and task management?

Yes, you can create marketing campaign workflows that will send emails to your contacts. You additionally create tasks for yourself as part of this workflow, so it can serve as a task management process.

Can you automate communication to borrowers, agents and employees?

Yes. You can make anyone — a Borrower, Referral Partner or Employee — a contact within and add them to one of the campaigns mentioned above. You can use a pre-existing LoanStack campaign or create one of your own.

I love it, but how much does it cost? offers several different pricing plans depending on the size of your company. We also offer volume pricing depending on the number of seats you purchase. LoanStack may be higher priced to other SaaS CRMs.  However, considering a seat of LoanStack is like getting a CRM, email marketing platform, online loan software, marketing automation, and… well, we could go on and on, but you should really schedule a demo and see for yourself the incredible value LoanStack can provide to you and your company.

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